Nikicio White Label Spring/summer 2018

"It came from my own perception, that the more intimate people knows someone, the more layers they will shed. It is sometimes not easy (to shed the layers) it will take patience, courage, and love."


Introducing their new plastic-free packaging made from cassava roots with only 180 days to completely dissolve in nature. It is time to make a difference

Nikicio Woman Profile - Asmara Abigail

Looking up to Christina Yang while growing up, Asmara Abigail believes that hero should be someone who can give you the inspiration and change your concept about life.

Nikico Mother's Day

In the celebration of National Mother's Day, we spent an afternoon with Tanayu who currently enjoys motherhood where she talked about her big leap into music industry and the real meaning behind Keano Mudra.

Rahajeng has done numerous jobs and built her way up before settling down as a stylist. This girl is fearless

Ayla Dimitri (@ayladimitri) is one, if not, the most influential fashion icon in Indonesia for her generation — Find out Ayla's hope & dream about Indonesia fashion industry.

With such a unique name, Hilarius Jason has always been born to stand out personally and professionally

Even though Widika Sidmore has a foreign last name, this budding actress has always felt connected with Indonesia in one way or another

Nikicio - woman profile

They dub Yikha Amel as our New Nikicio Woman this October to celebrate the joy of doing something you love for living

This week story is one that we hold close to our heart because it represents the hope that we all have for Nikicio; the hope to create a greater good for the future generations